Saturday, February 21, 2009

My precious VEGA

I been very busy with my MBA exams and Official Projects. That is why, I could not post anything much on my blog these days. Well, I am so happy today! I always am, anyways :) Coming to what is so special today, I bought my Guitar this noon. It is an Acoustic Guitar and not an Electric Guitar but still it has the Pick up box in it. So it is almost equivalent to an Electric Guitar minus the looks :) I been wanting to learn how to play Guitar for the last 2 months and this day it is... I decided to take my dad in my Wagon R and get one. I ended up buying this one.. It's cute, isn't it? :) It sure is :-D

I have also joined for Guitar classes and it starts from tomorrow onwards... I am too excited and just can't wait for it to start :) My parents were asking, "why all of a sudden you want to learn Guitar? You could learn Keyboard rather." I really had no answer to tell them but I knew, deep down somewhere inside my heart, I have a thing for Guitar and Western Pop. Out of over exictement, I am now practising to flick each of them strings without touching the adjacent one... Think I am getting better at it Lol Just thought I would share this happy news with you all...

So, now I have a new buddy to sit on my desk along with my Fire Nooks and Andromeda :) And oh.. I almost forgot to tell you... I have named my gorgeous Guitar as, "VEGA" which rhymes well with the word RAGA (meaning music). I chose the name VEGA because it means the brightest star in the constellation Lyra :) It's something to do with the space again, I know :)