Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Interrupted Connection

Well, No! It is nothing technical but about the crap network connection I been having for the last three complete days. Every human has some means of addiction and I am no exception! I am so addicted to my Fire Nooks that I can not survive a day without it; but for me, my Fire Nooks is a just a box with out the internet connection. With no internet, I would use my Fire Nooks only for learning Japanese and practicing for my RHCE. However, I can not survive with out Internet Connection at any cost. That is why I opted BSNL unlimited plan even though it is a bit costly. To add to the merry, not only the Broadband service but also our Landline connection was completed dead for the last 15 days.

We have raised a complaint and all the stuff as per the formality but none turned up to address this bloody damn issue. I finally somehow managed to get the contact number of my division customer service head's number and requested him to fix it up. I would have to switch over to Airtel otherwise. Finally, I got everything done today :) Now you see me smiling, yes I am :)

It p1$$3$ me off every time when my network ever gives up on me :( I can now browse again as usual :)

Addicted to Internet for life!