Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is your WP Blog hacked?

If you are a WP Blogger you will find this useful.

In most of the forums I am active on, I see people crying out saying that their WP Blog(s) is/are being hacked. Hence, I thought why not write a simple precautionary guide on how to prevent such attacks and what to do next once it’s attacked. Here is it…

The proactive steps:

  • Do NOT use Fantastico for installing Wordpress Blogs. I know they do stuffs in just one single click and you see Fantastico makes the installation easy for everyone… for hackers too :)
  • Always password prorect your WP-Admin folders
  • Go to MilW0rm and type in WORDPRESS in the search option. You will see a list of plug-ins. If you have any of those plugins then you can be injected.
  • Using the Bad Behavior and Explot Scanner plugins can be of help

The reactive steps:

  • Inform your Hosting Provider to check if it’s a problem with the whole server or just your site
  • Join the Google webmaster tools & Stop malware site. Both of these will help you find the code and assist you to get re-indexed by Google when the site is clean.
  • FTP into your account. Look at the dates of the files. Find the ones that are very recent - you're looking for the file that will have hacked. The date will give it away. It’s probably the blogs header, footer, page, or index file. Do you use Filezilla for other FTP software? Please DON’T! Switch over to WinSCP.
  • Once you find a suspected file, logon to your WP account. Scan the suspected file line by line looking for the malware code. If it's something simple, it's probably an inserted js script. Once you locate the bad code just edit the file, remove the bad code, and save the cleaned file. You will need to set permissions to 777, edit the file, and then be sure to reset permissions to 644 or whatever they should be.

Finally, if a hacker really wants to make his/her way in, you cannot stop them. With these above steps, you however can slow them down.

LOL :)

20th annual International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE 2009) - November 17-19, 2009 at Mysore (Infosys Campus)

For Further Details:

Coverage will be: The 20th annual International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE 2009). ISSRE focuses on tools, techniques and practices to assess, predict, and improve software reliability, safety, and security. It attracts the technical leadership from industry and academia from across the world. And this is our FIRST TIME IN INDIA .

If you want to get what you see in the subject of this mail then read further.

For some purpose, I was in search of some decent hosting at the cheapest price. I can not believe what I ended up with… The worst offer ever J with this method you can find

  1. Go to
  2. Signup and order something (doesn't matter what you order, just order something) you can find things like templates or other things, search for prices in their products and put something like from 1$-10$, you can find products for 10$ or lower.
  3. Now head to Just Host (#1 rated by quality host sites), use coupon "templatemonster" and signup for your free 1 year account + free domain

Note: Don't try to use coupon without ordering something first from templatemonster because they will call you on phone and verify your cc order from templatemonster. When they ask you for cc last 4 digits just tell them (the one you used for purchasing peanut cheap tm product) and there you go, have fun.

PRStorm is one of the black hat methods to get more inbound links in a very short span of time. Getting such more inbound links to your site helps you increase your Google PR. I was trying to explore about this PRStorm and see what I have found

Yell if Microsoft’s Spammed You Too

Seems to me like even M$ thinks that PR Storm works. Seriously, it’s only findings like these that give me a real good laugh :)

One of the best stocks which makes me LOL :) Gotta love it!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Image Search Engine

How many times have you wondered it would be so cool to have a Image Search Engine (NOT the Google Image Search)? When I say Image Search Engine, I mean it – Yes, you should be able to upload an image as an input and it gives you results based on the uploaded image. How cool is that?

Check out TinEye and see the results for yourself!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Earn with Likaholix

Likaholix is a new Social Bookmarking site in the block. This site is run by Google's ex-employees. I joined them very recently and I really am liking it. They also have the facility to share our likes on Twitter, Facebook & FriendFeed.

As they say, they are still in the beta stage. One notable thing about them is that they conduct contest and award cash prizes ranging from $10 to $200. All you have to do is just collect five to ten of your favorite sites based on the topic they give you and submit it to the contest. That's it! If your likes are the best, you win the contest. You never know, you can get lucky :)

To participate in the contest and win cash prizes, follow these steps:

  1. First, Sign up at Facebook & confirm your e-mail (If you already have an account with Facebook then you may skip this first step)
  2. Sign up Likaholix & confirm your e-mail
  3. Login to your Likaholix account and click on the MyLikes link at the top of the page (next to the "Home" link)
  4. Enter something (literally anything) in the search box. For example, cars, The Exorcist, Obama, Lady Gaga, etc and Click on the "Look up" button.
  5. It will bring you a list of suggested links. Choose anyone of those links which is of your interest and Click on the "Select" link (can be seen to the right of each item (or link) displayed)
  6. Now write some comment if you want to or leave that blank.
  7. The important part is this - Share your like to Facebook. By clicking on Facebook, you will be asked to sign in to your facebook account (in a new pop up window).
  8. Sign in to Facebook and finally click Submit button for your like.
Voila! You are done! :)

Happy liking with Likaholix!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I just made Love

I Just Made Love is an unusual new site that allows visitors to place a marker on Google Maps showing where they made love and their sexual position. Thousands of people have already used the site to share the location of their passionate encounters, with the world. No names are given and everything is done in a harmless fun way, there is NO PORNOGRAPHY here.

This is one of the craziest find I ever had in the last one month. Would you use it? :)

There were a lot of scenarios when I wrote an article and wanted to make it available in YOUTube as well. I could not be bothered to make my word document into a PPT presentation and then convert it back to Video. Yet, I face quality loss issues in the resulting video. For anyone sailing on the same boat as mine, check out Article Video Robot. It nothing innovative but still it is very useful for me to promote my stuffs with relatively lesser effort.

Verdurez is the first and unique Social Networking site for Indians aged 55 years and above living in India & abroad.

Will this become popular? I can spot out how many REAL oldies (non-Indians in particular) are hanging out there at Facebook & MySpace. When it comes to Indian Senior citizens I don’t really think they will be interested in such Social Networking and that too on the Internet. I would consider this as a new concept and needs bravery to implement. I am just wondering, will this site become popular? There might one other reason for why such a site has been built – Targeted Affiliate marketing! Let’s wait and watch out if they hit any gold!

This is one of those sentimental ways for bringing in more traffic which makes me feel, “Why did I not think of this before?” Even if I had ever thought of this before, I would not bother implementing it for two reasons:

One – There are even better ideas. Just think of using CPA (Cost per Action) logic instead of games. You would make thousands of dollars. J Seriously, very less number of people worry about Global Warming and even lesser number of people try to do something for it. Let the Global Warming happen and let all die.

Two – I don’t have any land or other such resources to plant trees Lol

However, the noble cause deserves a clap!

You might have heard of different economies going down or inflation on the rise and turmoil in the countries financial system but here is a NEWS which brings to limelight a new impact of recession - World wealth down 11 pct, fewer millionaires. A report by Boston consulting group states that to achieve wealth level of 2007 will take approximately six years from now!

Keyword Analysis is something very important when you even start thinking about creating a website or a blog. There is no definite tool which explains the in and outs of Keyword Research however the below resources are really very useful to start with:

Web Master World

SEO Guide

Make use of them & increase your PR with the help of Organic traffic.

The title says it all! :)

We all know that, a unique constraint nominates a column (or combination of columns) for which the value must be different for every row in the table. If based on a single column, this is known as the key column. If the constraint is composed of more than one column (known as a composite key unique constraint) the columns do not have to be the same data type or be adjacent in the table definition.

An oddity of unique constraints is that it is possible to enter a NULL value into the key column(s); it is indeed possible to have any number of rows with NULL values in their key column(s). So selecting rows on a key column will guarantee that only one row is returned—unless you search for NULL, in which case all the rows where the key columns are NULL will be returned.

Unique constraints are enforced by an index. When a unique constraint is defined, Oracle will look for an index on the key column(s), and if one does not exist it will be created. Then whenever a row is inserted, Oracle will search the index to see if the values of the key columns are already present: if they are, it will reject the insert.

The structure of these indexes (known as B*Tree indexes) does not include NULL values, which is why many rows with NULL are permitted: they simply do not exist in the index. While the first purpose of the index is to enforce the constraint, it has a secondary effect: improving performance if the key columns are used in the WHERE clauses of SQL statements. However, selecting WHERE key_column IS NULL cannot use the index because it doesn’t include the NULLs and will therefore always result in a scan of the entire table.

Read more on Oracle - B-Tree Index and How b-tree database indexes work and how to tell if they are efficient

Do you think you can make a better fast-booting, Chrome-focused OS than Google? Do you want to craft a custom Linux system that boots from a USB stick?

SUSE Studio gives you 15 GB to do exactly that, and you do it all online. Even if you don't know all that much about Linux, it's pretty easy to build a system you can boot from a USB stick or live CD/DVD, run inside a virtual machine program, or actually install it—or, heck, even test it out in your web browser.

Check SUSE Studio for more details

Sounds fake? I don’t give any bull**** Lol Well, read on...

I have been a member on this forum for almost 4 months and they are no scam. They do pay and even have payments proofs.

These are the five simple steps you need to do:

  1. Go to Business Advice Forum
  2. Select the check box and click on Register button
  3. Fill up the mandatory details and leave other fields as such
  4. Finally, click on Complete Registration button
  5. Once you have joined them, you will be required to make 10 posts. Section doesn't really matter. You can post on any section or even create a new thread if you want to.

That is all, now you can check "BAF $25 Contests AND Free $10,000 Draw Entry" section of that forum and participate in the contest. You win; you will be awarded with the prize money. Payment is through Paypal.

Gist of the nature of contests they conduct:

The nature of contests is really simple. Few of the previous closed entries are like

  • the Admin (Fergal) will pick a blog and ask you to write your opinion on it OR
  • Create two new useful threads. The best thread wins
  • Just make a reply to a thread. The useful & sensible reply wins, etc

Current $25 Contest

Are you a fan of Google Trends? If yes, you may win the contest just for saying what is so surprising for you about Google Trends.

So, what are you still waiting for? JOIN BAF - Business Advice Forum NOW & bag prizes.

Happy whining, if you don’t believe in this. Happy winning, otherwise :)