Thursday, October 15, 2009


Verdurez is the first and unique Social Networking site for Indians aged 55 years and above living in India & abroad.

Will this become popular? I can spot out how many REAL oldies (non-Indians in particular) are hanging out there at Facebook & MySpace. When it comes to Indian Senior citizens I don’t really think they will be interested in such Social Networking and that too on the Internet. I would consider this as a new concept and needs bravery to implement. I am just wondering, will this site become popular? There might one other reason for why such a site has been built – Targeted Affiliate marketing! Let’s wait and watch out if they hit any gold!


Ishita said...

I have been directed to your website via Google alerts.

I am the promoter of Verdurez and I must admit, I find your comments on Verdurez totally invalid. It is obvious that you have not done your homework on us. If you had contacted us before writing your blog, we would have provided you with qualitative and quantitative data.

Rest assured - we have NOT set up Verdurez for the purpose of "Targeted Affiliate marketing".

MzClaws said...

If you find my post to be invalid, so be it. In this ight lines of post, I no where mentioned that I am 100 percent sure that you guys are doing it for Targeted Affiliate marketing or Have I?

Well, this is just my review and what I feel. I express my feelings in my blog. I have also mentioned "Let’s wait and watch out if they hit any gold!"

Honestly, no offense meant. Your people know who you are. If you guys are genuine, good for you!