Monday, December 14, 2009

You think you are paid enough?

This is old NEWS yet the situation has not changed much in the past four years.
According to BBC, the average pay of a software engineer in India is around $5/hour (around 40,000 INR per month). Read more on BBC News
This is one of the reasons why should one become a freelancer. Learn Web Designing/Development, PHP/Perl Scripting or Windows Application Development in your spare time. Comes handy when you need few more bucks!

Finally, it is my day to celebrate. Well, not today but on December 5 2009. That is when I passed ITIL V3 Foundation exam with 100 %. I am awaiting the Certification from APMG. I should thank my trainer Mr. Mysore Ashok who made me understand each and every ITIL V3 Foundation concepts to the best level.

He is my inspiration when it comes to ITIL. Really, I wanna become an ITIL Expert like him. It's just that I can not afford to do the next levels of ITIL at this moment. But, I am pretty sure that I will earn big one day and spend it all in doing my ITIL Certifications Lol

LOL :-)

These are some of the Universities / institutes in India offering PhD through distance learning

1) Indira Gandhi National Open University, (New Delhi) - The institute offers PhD degrees in the field of Education, History, Tourism Studies, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Mathematics, Physics, Hindi, English, Commerce and Management.

2) Kota Open University (Rajasthan) offers degrees in the field of Commerce, Mass Communication and Management. The duration for all the programmes is three to five years and the eligibility is a Master's degree with 50 per cent.

3) Pondicherry University ( Pondicherry ) offers degrees in the field of Philosophy, Education, Tamil, Drama & Theatre, Arts, Economics, Life Science, Physics and Sanskrit. The duration for all the programmes is four years and the eligibility is a Master’s degree in the respective subjects with 50-55 per cent marks and 10 years work experience. Admission is obtained through interview and viva-voce.

4) Indian Institute of Science ( Bangalore ) offers programmes in Science and Engineering. Admission is open to candidates having two years work experience in the R&D departments of scientific and industrial institutions. Candidates must be below 40 years of age and must possess a BE/MBBS or Master’s degree in Science, Humanities, Economics, Psychology, Commerce, Business Administration, Operational Research or II class BCom followed by ACA/AICWA or II class B.Sc with AMIE/AMI Mech. Candidates are required to fill application forms and the selection is done on the basis of an interview which is held at the institute itself.

5) Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, ( Maharashtra ) offers PhD in the field of Education. The duration is two to five years and eligibility is M.Phil or post graduate degree with considerable amount of work experience.

6) Institute of Post Graduate Studies and Research, Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh) offers degrees in Architecture, Biotech, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication, Environment, Energy, Mechanical Engineering, Management Science, Remote Sensing, Transportation Engineering, Urban and Regional Planning and Water Resources. The duration for all programmes is three years and the eligibility is a post-graduate degree in concerned/allied subjects with 50 per cent marks. A considerable amount of work experience is also essential.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is your WP Blog hacked?

If you are a WP Blogger you will find this useful.

In most of the forums I am active on, I see people crying out saying that their WP Blog(s) is/are being hacked. Hence, I thought why not write a simple precautionary guide on how to prevent such attacks and what to do next once it’s attacked. Here is it…

The proactive steps:

  • Do NOT use Fantastico for installing Wordpress Blogs. I know they do stuffs in just one single click and you see Fantastico makes the installation easy for everyone… for hackers too :)
  • Always password prorect your WP-Admin folders
  • Go to MilW0rm and type in WORDPRESS in the search option. You will see a list of plug-ins. If you have any of those plugins then you can be injected.
  • Using the Bad Behavior and Explot Scanner plugins can be of help

The reactive steps:

  • Inform your Hosting Provider to check if it’s a problem with the whole server or just your site
  • Join the Google webmaster tools & Stop malware site. Both of these will help you find the code and assist you to get re-indexed by Google when the site is clean.
  • FTP into your account. Look at the dates of the files. Find the ones that are very recent - you're looking for the file that will have hacked. The date will give it away. It’s probably the blogs header, footer, page, or index file. Do you use Filezilla for other FTP software? Please DON’T! Switch over to WinSCP.
  • Once you find a suspected file, logon to your WP account. Scan the suspected file line by line looking for the malware code. If it's something simple, it's probably an inserted js script. Once you locate the bad code just edit the file, remove the bad code, and save the cleaned file. You will need to set permissions to 777, edit the file, and then be sure to reset permissions to 644 or whatever they should be.

Finally, if a hacker really wants to make his/her way in, you cannot stop them. With these above steps, you however can slow them down.

LOL :)

20th annual International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE 2009) - November 17-19, 2009 at Mysore (Infosys Campus)

For Further Details:

Coverage will be: The 20th annual International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE 2009). ISSRE focuses on tools, techniques and practices to assess, predict, and improve software reliability, safety, and security. It attracts the technical leadership from industry and academia from across the world. And this is our FIRST TIME IN INDIA .

If you want to get what you see in the subject of this mail then read further.

For some purpose, I was in search of some decent hosting at the cheapest price. I can not believe what I ended up with… The worst offer ever J with this method you can find

  1. Go to
  2. Signup and order something (doesn't matter what you order, just order something) you can find things like templates or other things, search for prices in their products and put something like from 1$-10$, you can find products for 10$ or lower.
  3. Now head to Just Host (#1 rated by quality host sites), use coupon "templatemonster" and signup for your free 1 year account + free domain

Note: Don't try to use coupon without ordering something first from templatemonster because they will call you on phone and verify your cc order from templatemonster. When they ask you for cc last 4 digits just tell them (the one you used for purchasing peanut cheap tm product) and there you go, have fun.

PRStorm is one of the black hat methods to get more inbound links in a very short span of time. Getting such more inbound links to your site helps you increase your Google PR. I was trying to explore about this PRStorm and see what I have found

Yell if Microsoft’s Spammed You Too

Seems to me like even M$ thinks that PR Storm works. Seriously, it’s only findings like these that give me a real good laugh :)

One of the best stocks which makes me LOL :) Gotta love it!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Image Search Engine

How many times have you wondered it would be so cool to have a Image Search Engine (NOT the Google Image Search)? When I say Image Search Engine, I mean it – Yes, you should be able to upload an image as an input and it gives you results based on the uploaded image. How cool is that?

Check out TinEye and see the results for yourself!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Earn with Likaholix

Likaholix is a new Social Bookmarking site in the block. This site is run by Google's ex-employees. I joined them very recently and I really am liking it. They also have the facility to share our likes on Twitter, Facebook & FriendFeed.

As they say, they are still in the beta stage. One notable thing about them is that they conduct contest and award cash prizes ranging from $10 to $200. All you have to do is just collect five to ten of your favorite sites based on the topic they give you and submit it to the contest. That's it! If your likes are the best, you win the contest. You never know, you can get lucky :)

To participate in the contest and win cash prizes, follow these steps:

  1. First, Sign up at Facebook & confirm your e-mail (If you already have an account with Facebook then you may skip this first step)
  2. Sign up Likaholix & confirm your e-mail
  3. Login to your Likaholix account and click on the MyLikes link at the top of the page (next to the "Home" link)
  4. Enter something (literally anything) in the search box. For example, cars, The Exorcist, Obama, Lady Gaga, etc and Click on the "Look up" button.
  5. It will bring you a list of suggested links. Choose anyone of those links which is of your interest and Click on the "Select" link (can be seen to the right of each item (or link) displayed)
  6. Now write some comment if you want to or leave that blank.
  7. The important part is this - Share your like to Facebook. By clicking on Facebook, you will be asked to sign in to your facebook account (in a new pop up window).
  8. Sign in to Facebook and finally click Submit button for your like.
Voila! You are done! :)

Happy liking with Likaholix!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I just made Love

I Just Made Love is an unusual new site that allows visitors to place a marker on Google Maps showing where they made love and their sexual position. Thousands of people have already used the site to share the location of their passionate encounters, with the world. No names are given and everything is done in a harmless fun way, there is NO PORNOGRAPHY here.

This is one of the craziest find I ever had in the last one month. Would you use it? :)

There were a lot of scenarios when I wrote an article and wanted to make it available in YOUTube as well. I could not be bothered to make my word document into a PPT presentation and then convert it back to Video. Yet, I face quality loss issues in the resulting video. For anyone sailing on the same boat as mine, check out Article Video Robot. It nothing innovative but still it is very useful for me to promote my stuffs with relatively lesser effort.

Verdurez is the first and unique Social Networking site for Indians aged 55 years and above living in India & abroad.

Will this become popular? I can spot out how many REAL oldies (non-Indians in particular) are hanging out there at Facebook & MySpace. When it comes to Indian Senior citizens I don’t really think they will be interested in such Social Networking and that too on the Internet. I would consider this as a new concept and needs bravery to implement. I am just wondering, will this site become popular? There might one other reason for why such a site has been built – Targeted Affiliate marketing! Let’s wait and watch out if they hit any gold!

This is one of those sentimental ways for bringing in more traffic which makes me feel, “Why did I not think of this before?” Even if I had ever thought of this before, I would not bother implementing it for two reasons:

One – There are even better ideas. Just think of using CPA (Cost per Action) logic instead of games. You would make thousands of dollars. J Seriously, very less number of people worry about Global Warming and even lesser number of people try to do something for it. Let the Global Warming happen and let all die.

Two – I don’t have any land or other such resources to plant trees Lol

However, the noble cause deserves a clap!

You might have heard of different economies going down or inflation on the rise and turmoil in the countries financial system but here is a NEWS which brings to limelight a new impact of recession - World wealth down 11 pct, fewer millionaires. A report by Boston consulting group states that to achieve wealth level of 2007 will take approximately six years from now!

Keyword Analysis is something very important when you even start thinking about creating a website or a blog. There is no definite tool which explains the in and outs of Keyword Research however the below resources are really very useful to start with:

Web Master World

SEO Guide

Make use of them & increase your PR with the help of Organic traffic.

The title says it all! :)

We all know that, a unique constraint nominates a column (or combination of columns) for which the value must be different for every row in the table. If based on a single column, this is known as the key column. If the constraint is composed of more than one column (known as a composite key unique constraint) the columns do not have to be the same data type or be adjacent in the table definition.

An oddity of unique constraints is that it is possible to enter a NULL value into the key column(s); it is indeed possible to have any number of rows with NULL values in their key column(s). So selecting rows on a key column will guarantee that only one row is returned—unless you search for NULL, in which case all the rows where the key columns are NULL will be returned.

Unique constraints are enforced by an index. When a unique constraint is defined, Oracle will look for an index on the key column(s), and if one does not exist it will be created. Then whenever a row is inserted, Oracle will search the index to see if the values of the key columns are already present: if they are, it will reject the insert.

The structure of these indexes (known as B*Tree indexes) does not include NULL values, which is why many rows with NULL are permitted: they simply do not exist in the index. While the first purpose of the index is to enforce the constraint, it has a secondary effect: improving performance if the key columns are used in the WHERE clauses of SQL statements. However, selecting WHERE key_column IS NULL cannot use the index because it doesn’t include the NULLs and will therefore always result in a scan of the entire table.

Read more on Oracle - B-Tree Index and How b-tree database indexes work and how to tell if they are efficient

Do you think you can make a better fast-booting, Chrome-focused OS than Google? Do you want to craft a custom Linux system that boots from a USB stick?

SUSE Studio gives you 15 GB to do exactly that, and you do it all online. Even if you don't know all that much about Linux, it's pretty easy to build a system you can boot from a USB stick or live CD/DVD, run inside a virtual machine program, or actually install it—or, heck, even test it out in your web browser.

Check SUSE Studio for more details

Sounds fake? I don’t give any bull**** Lol Well, read on...

I have been a member on this forum for almost 4 months and they are no scam. They do pay and even have payments proofs.

These are the five simple steps you need to do:

  1. Go to Business Advice Forum
  2. Select the check box and click on Register button
  3. Fill up the mandatory details and leave other fields as such
  4. Finally, click on Complete Registration button
  5. Once you have joined them, you will be required to make 10 posts. Section doesn't really matter. You can post on any section or even create a new thread if you want to.

That is all, now you can check "BAF $25 Contests AND Free $10,000 Draw Entry" section of that forum and participate in the contest. You win; you will be awarded with the prize money. Payment is through Paypal.

Gist of the nature of contests they conduct:

The nature of contests is really simple. Few of the previous closed entries are like

  • the Admin (Fergal) will pick a blog and ask you to write your opinion on it OR
  • Create two new useful threads. The best thread wins
  • Just make a reply to a thread. The useful & sensible reply wins, etc

Current $25 Contest

Are you a fan of Google Trends? If yes, you may win the contest just for saying what is so surprising for you about Google Trends.

So, what are you still waiting for? JOIN BAF - Business Advice Forum NOW & bag prizes.

Happy whining, if you don’t believe in this. Happy winning, otherwise :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Poetry and Palindrome

Found this via one of my interesting mails & felt it's worth sharing.

“For those who are not aware of Shishu pala, He was killed by Lord Krishna for opprobrious insult that too after 100 times. A poem was written about Shishupala’s death and it is called perfect palindrome.

The poem is noted for its intricate wordplay, and textual complexity. The 19th canto contains the following stanza which is an example of what has been called “the most complex and exquisite type of palindrome ever invented”. It was devised by the Sanskrit Aesthetics, who termed it Sarvatobhadra, that is, “perfect in every direction” - it yields the same text if read forwards, backwards, down, or up:

ra-sA-ha-vA vA-ha-sA-ra-
(nA da vA da da vA da nA
ra sA ha vA vA ha sA ra
kA ya sA da da sA ya kA
sa kA ra nA nA ra kA sa)

Hide text is an easy way to avoid SPAM. It allows you to convert any text into GIF format which can be used in your Websites or blogs.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Swine Flu at it's BEST

LOL :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Numerical Expressions in ORDER BY Clause

Anyone with proper understanding on ORDER BY clause will not be surprised by this post :) Still, I feel it’s worth sharing.

Query 1

SELECT employee_id , last_name,salary,department_id FROM employees ORDER BY 1;

This is positional sorting. So, the result set will be ordered by employee_id column in ascending order.

Query 2

SELECT employee_id , last_name,salary,department_id FROM employees ORDER BY 5;

It will throw an error “ORA-01785: ORDER BY item must be the number of a SELECT-list expression” as there is NO 5th column listed in the SELECT list. (employee_id is the 1st column listed in the SELECT statement, last_name is the second. salary is the third and department_id is the fourth. So, there is no 5th column in SELECT list)

Query 3

SELECT employee_id , last_name,salary,department_id FROM employees ORDER BY 4+2-1;

4+2-1 is 5 so, should have the same behavior as Query 2? If you said, ‘yes’ then you need to rework on your basics J

This query 3 will run fine with out any error. As you can see here in the documentation Oracle Database SQL Language Reference, you can specify an expression or a position. The position is an integer. As in Query 1, if in case we have given "order by 1" then the 1 is treated as a position of the column in SELECT list whereas "4+2-1" is treated as an expression, which yields 5. And this becomes an ordering by a constant, in other words a non operation.

This post is the continuation of the difference between COUNT(*) and COUNT(1)

You can NOT ask for anything better than this… The whole credit goes to the user Padder from oracle OTN Forums. Read the whole thread at OTN Forums. A two year old thread, definitely worth revisiting! To be honest, I am still trying to understand some parts of this procedure J I always used the Execution Plan in Oracle SQL Developer and never bothered or tried to write one. This one is ace! I mean… not that it can not be done by anyone else but the idea…

The below test generates explain plans for well-known variants of COUNT (*) and queries the plan for the projection column (new in 10g). Assuming we agree on what the projection column represents this appears to concur with the generally held view that Oracle internally rewrites COUNT(1) (and other simple COUNT (literal)) to COUNT(*).

Oracle Database 10g Express Edition Release - Production


SQL> <>
3 v_val vc2s
4 := vc2s ('*', '0', '1', '9', '+1', '-1', '1 + 1', '1 - 1', '''A''', '''A'' || ''A''',
5 '37 * 45 + 12', 'ROWNUM', 'TO_CHAR(1)', 'SYSDATE', 'ROWID');
6 v_cnt VARCHAR2 (100);
10 FOR l_val IN 1 .. v_val.COUNT LOOP
11 v_cnt := 'COUNT(' || v_val (l_val) || ')';
12 SAVEPOINT sv_count_projection;
15 || 'INTO '
16 || 'toad_plan_table '
17 || 'FOR '
18 || 'SELECT '
19 || v_cnt
20 || ' FROM dual';
22 FOR r_row IN (SELECT SUBSTR (projection, 1, INSTR (projection, ')', -1)) projection
23 FROM (SELECT SUBSTR (tpt.projection,
24 INSTR (tpt.projection, ' ') + 1) projection
25 FROM toad_plan_table tpt
26 WHERE tpt.operation = 'SORT'
27 AND tpt.options = 'AGGREGATE')) LOOP
28 dbms_output.put_line (v_cnt || ' is rewritten to ' || r_row.projection);
31 ROLLBACK TO sv_count_projection;
36 raise_application_error (-20000,
37 'failed to derive count projection'
38 || '['
39 || 'v_cnt => '
40 || v_cnt
41 || ']',
42 TRUE);
43 END count_projection;
44 /

COUNT(*) is rewritten to COUNT(*)
COUNT(0) is rewritten to COUNT(*)
COUNT(1) is rewritten to COUNT(*)
COUNT(9) is rewritten to COUNT(*)
COUNT(+1) is rewritten to COUNT(*)
COUNT(-1) is rewritten to COUNT((-1))
COUNT(1 + 1) is rewritten to COUNT(2)
COUNT(1 - 1) is rewritten to COUNT(0)
COUNT('A') is rewritten to COUNT(*)
COUNT('A' || 'A') is rewritten to COUNT('AA')
COUNT(37 * 45 + 12) is rewritten to COUNT(1677)
COUNT(TO_CHAR(1)) is rewritten to COUNT('1')
COUNT(ROWID) is rewritten to COUNT(ROWID)

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.


What is the difference between count (*) and count (1). One can argue all their life about this.

There are sites on the Internet saying,

Since the COUNT function will return the same results regardless of what NOT NULL field(s) you include as the COUNT function parameters (ie: within the brackets), you can change the syntax of the COUNT function to COUNT(1) to get better performance as the database engine will not have to fetch back the data fields. For example, based on the example above, the following syntax would result in better performance:

SELECT department, COUNT (1) as "Number of employees" FROM employees WHERE salary > 25000 GROUP BY department;

Now, the COUNT function does not need to retrieve all fields from the employees table as it had to when you used the COUNT (*) syntax. It will merely retrieve the numeric value of 1 for each record that meets your criteria.

Do you think it’s correct? No? The result to this question may also depend on the oracle version you use.

Well, I am not trying to prove anything here. Just wanted to say that please read Ask Tom’s page on COUNT (*) vs. COUNT (1) A lot of useful information out there for you to learn and also to think about. There was a user saying,

Hi Tom,

There is another opinion in:

OCP Introduction to Oracle 9i: SQL Exam Guide, p. 124

"Do not use count (*) to determine the number of rows in a table. Use count (1) or count (ROWID) instead. These options are faster because they bypass some unnecessary operations in Oracle's SQL processing mechanism."

And the reply to it was…



First, count (1) internally is rewritten as count (*). That is a FACT.

Don’t you agree with this? Well, read more on Ask Tom’s page on COUNT (*) vs. COUNT (1) when you have time. It’s a real lengthy discussion which worth spending time on.

“If both Truncate and Delete commands delete all the rows of a table, then what is the difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE command?

Any interviewer may ask this question. The most expected replies could be any of the below:

  1. DELETE is a DML while TRUNCATE is a DDL statement
  2. DELETE is less drastic, in that a deletion can be rolled back whereas a truncation cannot be.
  3. DELETE is also more controllable, in that it is possible to choose which rows to delete, whereas a truncation always affects the whole table.
  4. DELETE is, however, a lot slower and can place a lot of strain on the database. TRUNCATE is virtually instantaneous and effortless

(To know more such answers, look through Geek Interviews Page. I don’t take liability for the irrelevant answers :))

Alright! But how does one prove that TRUNCATE is virtually instantaneous, effortless and is really of better performance than DELETE? How does it work internally?

As said in the first point, TRUNCATE is a DDL command and it operates within the data dictionary and affects the structure of the table, not the contents of the table. However, the change it makes to the structure has the side effect of destroying all the rows in the table.

An insight to it…

The data dictionary will have the definition of data and also table’s physical location. When a table is created, a table is allocated a single area of space (fixed size) in the database’s data files. This is known as an extent and initially will be empty. Then, as rows are inserted into the table, the extent fills up. Once an extent is full, more extents will be allocated to the table automatically. Therefore, a table may consist of one or more extents which hold the rows. Along with tracking the extent allocation, the data dictionary also tracks how much of the space allocated to the table has been used. This is done with the high water mark. The high water mark is the last position in the last extent that has been used; all space below the high water mark has been used for rows at one time or another, and none of the space above the high water mark have been used yet.

It should be noted that it is possible for there to be plenty of space below the high water mark that is not being used at the moment; this is because of rows having been removed with a DELETE command. Inserting rows into a table pushes the high water mark up. Deleting them leaves the high water mark where it is; the space they occupied remains assigned to the table but is freed up for inserting more rows. Truncating a table resets the high water mark. That is, within the data dictionary, the recorded position of the high water mark is moved to the beginning of the table’s first extent. As Oracle assumes that there can be no rows above the high water mark, this has the effect of removing every row from the table. The table is emptied and remains empty until subsequent insertions begin to push the high water mark back up again. In this manner, one DDL command, which does little more than make an update in the data dictionary, can annihilate billions of rows in a table.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Short Definition of the Whole World

Worldwide survey was conducted by the UN. The only question asked was:

"Would you please give your honest opinion about solutions to the food shortage in the rest of the world?"

The survey was a huge failure!

In Africa they didn't know what 'food' meant, In India they didn't know what 'honest' meant, In Europe they didn't know what 'shortage' meant, In China they didn't know what 'opinion' meant, In the Middle East they didn't know what 'solution' meant, In South America they didn't know what 'please' meant, And in the USA they didn't know what 'the rest of the world' meant!

About LPIC Exam

Unlike M$, Cisco exams, LPIC exam do NOT have any dumps or even single focused study guides. It is not narrowed down towards any single Distribution either. You need to try out various distributions including Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandrake, Debian, etc. If you got RHEL DVD then go for it as well.

There are a plenty of resources out there in the Internet. Searching for LPIC Dumps or some other relative keyword may bring you a million links. Yet, LPIC have revised their exam this April 2009 and hence they all may seem 60-70 percent outdated. I have done a search for it last night and collected these resources from various forums, blogs and websites. If you are preparing for the latest LPIC certification exams, you should do ok with the below resources.

LPIC-1 Recommended Books

LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell (In a Nutshell (O'Reilly)) by Steven Pritchard Steven Pritchard (Author)
LPIC-1: Linux Professional Institute Certification Study Guide by Roderick W. Smith,
LPIC 1 Certification Bible by Angie Nash and Jason Nash
LPIC Prep Kit: 101 General Linux I by Theresa Hadden Martinez

LPIC-1 Mock Exams and Study Materials

IBM Material

Linux + vs LPIC Certifications

Just a word of advice rather suggestion I would like to give is – If you are in a dilemma on whether to do Linux+ or LPIC then my move will be towards LPIC. LPIC ($150 for 101 exam and $150 102 exam) costs the same as Linux + ($300). CompTIA may sound familiar but then most of their certifications like Security+, Network+ are not considered very seriously. They however might be an add-on for you resume if you are a total fresher.

Good luck!

An interesting read...

You can also own islands with as less than 18 laks INR. The best part is, you can rule it as your own kingdom :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

F***ing Hate Myself

I ****ing hate it when I can not help people who are REALLY suffering. I so ****ing hate myself at such time!

This is what happened...

This morning, as my car had gone for maintenance, I had to travel by Call Taxi - Fast Track. The person who schedules cars has assigned two cars for my home, it seems. The moment I left from home in a car, the next car has arrived my home. That taxi driver had to go back which will cost him Rs.250 as a fine. **** it! It is not my fault though and I was not a lot bothered for this.

As we travelled through the 100 feet road, the driver started talking to me; so did I! We spoke about the driver's native place and also about the his occupation. I was asking does he really like his job... Driving 24/7 is like **** I can not do that! He was like 18-20 years old.. more like my younger brother. He said, "I studied only till 5th Standard and as a matter of fact, I can not apply for License but then making use of the holes in our Indian Constitution I somehow managed to get a HEAVY License and that gave me a Job today!" I had mixed feelings for him both - Happy & Sad. Happy for he got a way to earn and sad for cheating up the law and also not having studied more than 5th standard.

I even was talking with him about the fraud and forgery happening in Dubai... tempting people to go there for their job but then using them like servants blah blah, we also talked about the Iran and Iraq thing where they throw Sulphur Phosphide over the School Children. The driver said if he had that chemical with him, he would throw that against traffic police men for the bribe they demand all the time. SCREW THEM! B45T4RD5!

This is it... the bad time has just started for us! The driver drove straight where I told him to take left. He got confused and made a turn halfway on the road. Nobody's life was in danger but then as it went against the Traffic Rules, we were caught by a Traffic Police Man. The way he started talking with us was like we were rougues and cheap lives that does not worth living. I seriously did not want to quotes each and everything the Police man said. Everytime, he addresed the driver, he used "Naaye... Yei... " and even some other worst words which only a drunkard will use. All these drama was totally new to me. I have seen such things happening only in the movies and this made me feel like... "GRR WTF!"

The police man asked me to get out of the car. I dont know why or what for. I am just a passenger and I have not nothing to do with it. Anyways, I got down for the sake of that little boy, the driver. I started supporting him and told the Policeman, "I got a meeting at 10 and it is almost 9.30 now. Please let us go. No one's life is in danger now and nobody is hurt. Besides turing half way is faulty I agree. Give us another chance!" I literally pleaded him. He started yelling (in those "WORST" words) at the driver and did not listen to any of my words. He caught hold of that driver's collar and was about to knock him right on his nose. I was shocked, tensed all at the same time and told the police to stop beating him. The police man then asked me, "you been supporting him right from the beginning. Do you already know him or what? You never seem to listen my points" in a sarcastic tone. **** HIM What is it to him... I may be that driver's sister, mother, gf, wife, neighbor or even a keep DAMN What is it to that police man and how does it matter him? I then started being quiet as I did not wanted to talk more on that! The police man then asked the driver, "You give me 700, I may consider leaving you". We were about to give him the 700... **** bribe but then there was another police man who started asking us the whole story... we started over and after hearing all that he asked that driver's license! To add to the misery, his license was expired. He however had renewed it. His renewed copy was not with him though. So, he tried explaining it to them but those stupid ****ers did not listen to anything. He filed a case and asked him to pay 1,500.

It was already 10 and I am already late for Office. But then I was trying to do everything that I can to support that poor little boy - the driver. There was an Auto Driver who just had paid the fine and then taking his Auto off the road. He noticed us and asked that boy what matter did they catch him for. He explained it all to him and then the Auto driver told me that I better start with him. If I keep on staying there not only that I will be late to office but also had to hear unnecessary abusive words and beating which I am totally not used to! I agreed to it and asked that driver if its ok with him if I leave. He agreed as well. Before I parted I rang that driver's owner and told him there is no fault on that driver at all. Its just the Police men who caught him for no reason, filed a case, also spoke bad on me and even was about to smack that boy down. I requested that owner not to take any serious action on him. I paid 160 for the kms which he drove and left from the place in that Auto.

On our way, I really had a heavy heart! I started feeling guilty.. "Is it because of me he had to turn half way and got caught? Or is it just the bad time for us? Either way, he is now caught up and had to pay 1,500. Sh1T!"

The Auto driver himself told me, "These Traffic police men are very bad. Do you know why they caught me?" I did not respond. I still was feeling bad. He then continued, "I was trying to take some passengers near the Bus stand and a Police man how can I take passengers near Bus stand? This is how I end up paying 1,500." All these things started making me feel bad and gave me a severe head ache. I paid the Auto driver 1,20 and got out of it as I arrived my office. The driver gave me a hint - "I have been looking at you talking with that Police man. My sincere advice is Please never talk like that with them. They never are the same person. They will be very bad and even will take you to the Police station for no reason. You will never have experienced all these. Did you notice - He was asking you whether you know that driver already or how are you related to him as you were always supporting him. It's our drivers fate that we have to suffer. You women should not get involved. Otherwise, you will not be able to digest 90% of the things they speak and do".

I realized the TRUTH behind his speech. As I walked towards my office, I could not concentrated on anything. My heart was already heavy! The poor little boy, driver called me up and told me that his manager came and paid 600. He somehow managed to pay 500. Now only 400 is pending out of that 1,500 fine, if that was also paid then he can take his license back. He was asking me if I can help, I could not say NO, I told him I will. The reason I agreed to it was basically humanity and nothing more. There is also an another reason - Remember... It was me who asked him to take a sudden left due to which he caught up and all that mess happened. I really could not spot out on who should the 100 % fault me put. I was confused. I always share both good and bad news to my parents. My appa was like do not him 400. He is teaming up with the Policeman and trying to steal from us. **** How can it be? I saw him being caught and saw all the mess and insults he was going through. How can he cheat on me and that too for 400? My dad's words mean a lot to me even though they are not based on humanity or justice or pity. I do what my dad says. I callled that driver again and told him that I can not give you 400 as my dad is scolding me. I can give you 100 though. I will somehow manage it saying I went out for lunch with my freinds etc. I can even say the same lie for whole of 400 as well but then he somehow will find out and scold me for nothing! It's not that I am scared of my dad's scoldings but then I did not wanted to do what he does not like. I am one of those ****ing retards.

Now I feel really bad for not being able to help that poor little boy, I am a lamer, a tosser, a ****ing retard, a moron, minger and all the worst things in this whole world! I can not help myself from hating me!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Measure your English Skill

If you had done any certifications like BEC or ILETS or BULATS then this chart will help you identify where in the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” you stand.

This is something very common and most of us make this mistake very often even without knowing that it is a mistake.

As per the English Grammar, “Compound nouns are nouns that are composed of two or more words, connected by hyphens or stems, and are considered one noun.”

Example: sister-in-law, father-in-law

Clearly, both these compound nouns refer to only one person. How do we refer to more than one? I mean the plural form…

When creating a plural compound noun, an "s" is added to the main noun only.

That is, sisterS-in-law, fatherS-in-law and NOT sister-in-laws or father-in-laws

I am not currently using GeoCities, so it don't really bother me. The rest act right away!

Important notice: GeoCities is closing.

Dear Yahoo! GeoCities customer,

We're writing to let you know that Yahoo! GeoCities, our free web site building service and community, is closing on October 26, 2009.

On October 26, 2009, your GeoCities site will no longer appear on the Web, and you will no longer be able to access your GeoCities account and files.

What You Need to Do
If you'd like to move your web site, or save the images and other files you've posted online, you need to act now by choosing one of the following options:

Move your site to Yahoo! Web Hosting.

We know your files are important to you, and we want to make moving to Web Hosting as easy and affordable as we can. For a limited time, you can move your files automatically, take advantage of terrific features like a personalized domain name and email, even redirect your GeoCities web address to your new site — all for only $4.99 a month for a full year.

For more information and complete terms, please see our special offer now

Download your files to your own computer.
With your pages and images saved offline, you can re-create your site with any hosting provider.

To quickly download your published files, visit your GeoCities web site, right-click on each page, and choose Save Page As... from the menu that appears. Choose a location on your computer to save your files, then click OK or Save. Learn more about downloading your files.

Don't Wait
Please be aware that after October 26, your GeoCities files will be deleted from our servers, and will not be recoverable. If you'd like to save your files, you must download them now or move to Yahoo! Web Hosting. If you need assistance, please visit the help center.

We want to thank you for being a GeoCities customer, and hope you continue to enjoy our other Yahoo! services.

Best regards,
The Yahoo! GeoCities team

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Towards an Eco-Friendly Website

As you all might be knowing, I already am kind of busy with my personal life because of the unexpected things happening in my life... like engagement, marriage for examples LOL I am finding it a little bit hard to find time these days amidst my MBA exams as well. Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know that I am in the process of creating a Eco-Friendly website that creates awareness about our Environment and Green Revolution. I have not yet decided whether I should be having it as a Website or a Blog. It however is going to take one full solid month for me to establish that site. I am also in the process of finding some eco-friendly affiliate programs. Let me know if you know any such genuine programs. That is all for now...Till then take care, friends!

CharacterHunter - A blog that’s continuously searching for character design on the streets of Tokyo . This site inspires me a lot and I believe it would inspire anyone who is into vector design. This blog is written in French about the Japanese design. This site shows how mascot design can traverse language and cultural differences.

A few resources which I found to be very useful for those interested in Cartoon Graphics (widely called as ToonGFX). I am not a pro artist however I can draw to a decent extent J I am learning how to draw and digitalize a mascot. I find these resources to be a lot helpful. I thought it would help you as well if you are into Mascot, Toon designing or even animation.

Here you go…

GoAnimate is a website where you can create your own animations.
Maryland Comic Book Initiative
Periodic Table of ComicBooks
Make a Witty Comic Strip online
Make Believe Comic Strip
Create a Comic Strip online
The How to Draw Site
ToonDoo is devoted to creating a unique array of free and customizable online games of educational value for children of all abilities.
Comics @ Mainada : create a comic strip online
Comic Strip Generator
ChatFu: Cartoonify (And Save) Your IM Chats
Comic Life (commercial product) gives you a super-quick and easy way to create astounding comics, beautiful picture albums and enticing instruction booklets to name a few of the many possibilities.
Comic Creator : Online Interactive Tool
Flipstick Cartoons : Make your own
Comic Creator
Examples of storyboards
Cartooning Tutorial
Step-By-Step Cartoons
Tips, tutorials, and other advice for artists
How to Plot and Draw a Comic Page
Cartooning - Jeff Smith's Drawing Board
Drawing Cartoons, Comics and Animation
Learn How To Draw Cartoons
Draw a Cartoon Online with Uncle Fred
The Making of a Cartoon

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

SEO Certification

SEO Certification is nothing but a MYTH! Oh NO!! I am not cursing; I am just saying the fact!image

It has been almost 2 to 3 complete years since I started learning and practicing the SEO Techniques. I can really not say that I am a pro in it, however I can make a site rank in the top 10 search list for any given keyword. I also know the tricks to improve a site’s Google Page Rank (I personally don’t care the Google PR for it solely does not guarantee the quality of a site). I also had a decent amount understanding on the concepts like Indexing, Ranking, Traffic, Keyword research, HTML Tags ( META , H1, B, etc), robot.txt files, building links and what not! I guess I have touched the base on almost all the topics on SEO. This is what made me think why not take a SEO certification. This will add credit to my freelancer resume and I can get more customers to gain more jobs.

A quick search on SEO Certification turned out these results

SEO Certification

SEO Consultants

School of SEO International

SEO Training Course

It then got me thinking, there a plenty out there. Which one to choose?

I ran through the programs they had. It was all like testing what I already knew and did not seem to give me anything new out of the training or the certification either. A little more search gave me Bruce Clay’s SEO Training which I found to be relatively useful.

I do not want to ramble on any further rather I will give you the conclusion:

  1. There is NO single accredited vendor for SEO Certification
  2. There however are few of the well recognized (recognized online) people conducting SEO Classes and certifications. These might help you learn something out of the session along with a certificate which I am not really sure worth it, if you can not demonstrate your capabilities.
  3. There is NO client/customer at any of the free lancing websites, asking you for a SEO Certification. All they want is the work to be done. 
  4. SEO Certification is not like a RHCE or CISSP, upon completion of which you can be at least 80 percent assured of getting a job with regard to the other non-certified competitors.
  5. The person hiring SEO Consultants or SEO Specialists online via any freelancing website are themselves technically challenged. Such people will never demand a certificate but the outcome – getting their site(s) top the search engine list.

After through analysis, I consider SEO Certification is a myth. If you can perform well, keep track of your achievements viz. how many sites have you optimized, how many sites have you increased the PR for, etc. If possible get some written testimonials from your customers/clients. If you have done a great job, anyone would be more than happy to give you a note of appreciation J

For the beginners, please get yourself a copy of Aaron Wall’s SEO Book. That is how I got mine started off. I then have read a lot of random books through years starting from some white papers including Search Engine Optimization for Dummies, Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day, Professional Search Engine Optimization with PHP, Web Analytics: An Hour a Day, Landing Page Optimization, etc.

Many people ask me to write an article on How to make money out of a website. I sure will but SEO is what you need to know on the first hand. Once you have done the SEO Magic and started getting decent traffic, ask your self the same question. You would have started earning dollars before could find an answers for it J

Happy SEO-ing!


Last Sunday I met an interesting person who is supposedly my relative. He works as an Interviewer and a Technical Analyst as well. I was a lot more interested when he told me that his field of interest is also C/UNIX. We spoke for a while about general things and this is something I grabbed from him during the short convo. I am hoping to interact a lot more with him in the near future J it’s very hard to find people who really “LOVE” the technology and are passionate about C or UNIX. I know people who do hundreds and thousand lines of coding even without knowing the basic mechanism of how something work “internally”. Well… as I always say, “We need not know everything; just know things in detail”.


This is a bit lengthier. Read it when you are relatively free.

Finally, here it is…The Simple Question

The moment I ask anyone what is the different between a Structure and a Union in C, they immediately pop up one of the below answers,

“I think Structure is memory waste while Union saves memory”

“Oh, that’s simple! In Union only one item can be accessed while in Structure all the items have their own individual memory”

“Hmmm, the size of a Union will be the size of the biggest variable”

None of those answers were wrong. Now, let me ask you something more…

Consider 5 variables with the below sizes:

Var1 – 2
Var2 – 4
Var3 – 2
Var4 – 1
Var5 – 8

As per the above definitions, each and every Variable in the structure has its own independent memory locations. So,

Size of Structure = Var1 + Var2 + Var3 + Var4 + Var5 = 17

Var1 | Var2 | Var3 | Var4 | Var5 |

If it were a Union , then it will look like below, assuming that Var5 is the biggest variable (in terms of size)


Size of this Union = Size of the biggest variable = Var5 = 8.

This is how it gets tricky

Now, how the other variables are accommodated? We say that at any point of time only one variable can be retrieved from the Union . What will happen to the existing var5 if a new value is assigned to a variable, say Var4? How will this single memory segment of size 8 be made available for rest of the variables as well?

Various irrelevant answers

You will be surprised to read… these are some of the REAL answers which I got from experienced people (especially in C).

Answer 1:

“I think Var1 will be stored first. It is just of size 2. Then Var2 is just 4 so it will also be stored, Var3 is 2 and the Var4 is just 1. But…. But…. The fifth variable var5 is too big to fit in there…I think…. Well… It’s something… ”


I think that is the functionality of Union . It will take care of it all by itself


X: I think C Compiler handles it or something to do with the Computer memory management?

Y: Say what? Computer memory management????

X: No... I meant the Compiler Memory Management… May be…

There really were many other such ridiculous answers. I am not humiliating anyone here. I myself was like this during my early days. However, once you get a hold and start working in C, should we not be taking some pain to know its mechanism? We sure should!

So how does Union work?

This is where people go wrong! Just knowing the definition will NOT do. Know its mechanism and that is what the Interviewer is expecting from you! Also, to explain these basic stuff you don not need a C Bible or Dennis Ritchie. All you need is a C Compiler. Trust me, most of the basic things can be learnt only by experiencing – not only in the Programming world but also in the real world! Go for it! Experience it! Enlighten yourself! The below short & simple program will make you understand how Union really differs from the Structures.

% cat structunion.c
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
typedef union
int Wind_Chill;
char Heat_Index;
} Condition;
typedef struct
float temp;
Condition feels_like;
} Temperature;

void main()
Temperature *tmp;
tmp = (Temperature *)malloc(sizeof(Temperature));
printf("\nAddress of Temperature = %u", tmp);
printf("\nAddress of temp = %u, feels_like = %u", &(*tmp).temp, &(*tmp).feels_like);
printf("\nWind_Chill = %u, Heat_Index= %u\n", &((*tmp).feels_like).Wind_Chill, &((*tmp).feels_like).Heat_Index);

% cc -o structunion structunion.c

% ./structunion
Address of Temperature = 165496
Address of temp = 165496, feels_like = 165500
Wind_Chill = 165500, Heat_Index= 165500

Wasn’t that clear? To add on, let us consider the below quote from ANSI/ISO 9899:1990 (the ANSI C standard) Section
Structure and union specifiers have the same form. [ . . . ] The size of a union is sufficient to contain the largest of its members. The value of at most one of the members can be stored in a union object at any time. A pointer to a union object, suitably converted, points to each of its members (or if a member is a bit-field, then to the unit in which it resides), and vice versa.

Do It Yourself

Grab a C Compiler and try executing the below snippet. You will be more clear.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
/* Declares union */
union one{
char one;
int two;
float three;
/* Declares structure */
struct two{
char one;
int two;
float three;
int main(void)
/* Uses tag names to create structure S and union U. */
struct two S;
union one U;
/* Outputs object sizes to screen. */
printf("%d is the size of S, as structure.\n", sizeof(S));
printf("%d is the size of U, as union.\n\n", sizeof(U));
/* Loads values into S and U, as below. */ = 'A';
S.two = 3645;
S.three = 678.32; = 'A';
U.two = 3645;
U.three = 678.32;
/* Echos values to screen, so conclusions are easier. */
printf("The values 'A', 3645 and 678.32 have been loaded"
"in structure S members and\n union U members both.\n\n");
/* Shows values now in S members. */
printf("%c is equal to the value\n",;
printf("%d is equal to the value S.two\n", S.two);
printf("%3.2f is equal to the value S.three\n\n", S.three);
/* Shows the value now stored as corrupted and good. */
printf("%c is equal to the value\n",;
puts("Oops! Doesn't look like an 'A'!\n");
printf("%d is equal to the value U.two\n", U.two);
puts("Oops! Doesn't look like 3645 either!\n");
printf("%3.2f is equal to the value U.three\n\n", U.three);
/* Non-pertinent stuff for running under Windows and stuff */
return 0;

“Know the mechanism” – This helps you fine tune your programming skills and makes you an outstanding programmer. It helps you outshine in any interview as well for mechanism is what the Interviewers are after (Unless and until the one that is interviewing you is comparatively dumb haha)