Thursday, October 29, 2009

(1 Year Top Hosting + Free Domain) < = $1

If you want to get what you see in the subject of this mail then read further.

For some purpose, I was in search of some decent hosting at the cheapest price. I can not believe what I ended up with… The worst offer ever J with this method you can find

  1. Go to
  2. Signup and order something (doesn't matter what you order, just order something) you can find things like templates or other things, search for prices in their products and put something like from 1$-10$, you can find products for 10$ or lower.
  3. Now head to Just Host (#1 rated by quality host sites), use coupon "templatemonster" and signup for your free 1 year account + free domain

Note: Don't try to use coupon without ordering something first from templatemonster because they will call you on phone and verify your cc order from templatemonster. When they ask you for cc last 4 digits just tell them (the one you used for purchasing peanut cheap tm product) and there you go, have fun.