Wednesday, February 18, 2009

EduFire - Live Video Learning

I normally don’t suggest anyone to join an online community for serious learning rather I would ask people to search for the material they are looking for and read it themselves or join a formal class for it. It is not that I do not believe in learning over Online Web Meetings; it is just that I personally feel learning this way wastes most of our time… I mean, I could have learnt it by myself in just 30 minutes for which I would have spent an hour or so over the net listening to someone talking/tutoring about it. To be precise, it is something like someone trying to master Japanese just by watching Anime or Someone trying to learn proper English just by watching Bob the Builder or Miffy & friends! There really is nothing wrong in it but there sure is something wrong in the way you are learning!

I know about this EduFire site for quite some time but I have never bothered trying them out. Yesterday I signed up for some reason (for Japanese courses if you are curious about the reasonJ) and so pleased. Those guys are awesome! Many other such online video learning sites are up coming in the Internet like Live mocha, Mingle, etc. I also have a membership at Livemocha but I never found them to be as useful as EduFire!

EduFire takes free classes for all languages, SAT, GMAT, Cooking, Computer Security, Networking, Mathematics and almost everything. If you feel you are good at something you can also be a tutor and make profit out of it or even conduct free classes to gain attention. As of now, I am just a student there learning Japanese but very sooner I am planning to become a tutor for Mathematics and Computers. Those courses really lack tutors there. One however needs a webcam (not mandatory though but preferable to have one) and microphone to become a tutor. To be just a student, only microphones will do. Some classes don’t even require the students to have a microphone. You can just type in your questions and watch the tutors answer it.

Every student joining EduFire has to attend (not compulsory though but it is advisable to attend) the “New Student Orientation” class. I attended it yesterday and it was on par! I initially felt, it is going to be a waste of time as co-coordinating and managing a class over the Internet or Live Conferencing (that too including people from different backgrounds, different countries, different culture, etc) sounded quite hard for me but the way those guys run the show was really amazing. It was at 9.30 PM IST I logged onto the virtual classroom. There were almost 15 students along with me in the class. The students were allowed to use only Text chat and we were able to see and hear the tutor speaking via web cam! Nothing new or exciting about this as we all would have experienced Live Chat or Live meeting. It’s the way they organized and coordinated that got me excited!

As I said before, there are many FREE classes and a few paid classes. Couple of the upcoming classes can be found at:

I suggest you all to join EduFire and make the most out of online video learning!