Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Be-lated Valentines Day

Hope you all had a great Valentines Day celebration :) Don't ask me how did mine go because I am about to say anyways Lol

I went out with my parents to Thiruvannaamalai temple and got my feet burnt! Yeah, it was a sunny day and we were traveling from my home to Thiruvannaamalai on our gorgeous Wagon R. It took 4 complete hours to reach the destination. The temple will be shut by 1 PM sharp and we were there by 12.35 PM. So, we rushed into the temple with bare foot. The sun was so mad that day and the foot steps were all as hot as red iron bars. Not exaggerating but it really was that hot! I managed to walk till the 'Moola sthaanam' (the primary place where God Annamalai was situated) but I had real tough time when getting back from the temple to our car. I have been asking my parents, “Are you guys feeling anything happening to your feet at all?"! My dad had no response and I got the hint that he is suffering too Lol and my mom was too busy chanting, "Om Namashivaya". I even thought may be chanting that would stop hurting my feet Lol Okay not trying to tease God!

Finally, when I somehow managed to get back to our Car, I realized my feet are totally burnt and I could not even wear my floaters :( Don't you worry, I am alright now :) (As if you are worried for me Lol). On our way back to home, my mom bugged my dad to take her to the Pondicherry 's Annai Ashramam as well. I was like, "GRRR! What are you on about, mom? I got Japanese class tomorrow and this Pondicherry stuff is not on our plan! Well, I am not coming. We need to reach home early". She was requesting a lot and we had to visit Ponddicherry's Manakkula Vinayagar temple and Annai Ashramam. I am not much of a spiritual kind of woman and hence I did not have any fun there. Yet, I was glad my mom is happy! For me, servicing GOD is nothing but giving the poor, needy and orphans. By giving I mean not only the money or things but spending time with them, talking to them, playing with them. I personally enjoy spending time with such little kids every time when I go to Sivananda Ashramam & Udhavum karangal.

At last, we then started from there by 7 PM and reached home exactly at 11 PM. As a result, I could not attend my Japanese class the next day. Never mind! Our loved ones worth such sacrifices.

On the other hand, there was a huge celebration happening in my company on 13th February. Singing contest, Gifts & Flowers stall, Love letter writing Competitions, etc. I did not participate in any of them. The appropriate word would be I “couldn’t” rather I “didn’t”. I had client meeting that day for almost am hours when all these events happened. The height of all these was teasing everyone by the color of dress they wore that day. Knowingly or unknowingly I was in black salwar. I don't give a damn about what does that color signify anyways it's fun watching people being teased Lol To be frank, I never seen people celebrating Valentines day this grandly in an IT Company. Oh well, the European Companies do, probably!