Monday, December 22, 2008

This day began with Logica

As most of my mates know I had been with Wipro Technologies for the past four years and 3 months. I had to quit Wipro for certain reasons and hence I been trying for various opportunities outside since 3rd December 2008.

I attended almost four interviews out of which I got selected in three namely Zylog Systems, CTS, CSC. Verizon is the one where I could not make it through in the 3rd round. I however had my own learning from all the interviews :)

Out of all the Interviews, I personally found Logica's and CSC's to be very competitive. After 2 days discussion with family and mates, I had chosen Logica to be my company and today (22nd December 2008) I joined them.

This day at Logica was very cool. Nothing much to mention, honestly! I reached the campus at 8.50 AM sharp. There were 15 other people with me who were about to join Logica today. We all were taken by the HR team to a conference room where we filled up the application form, Signed up the offer letters blah blah... It's nothing really new Lol This process went from 9 AM till 11 AM.

We then were informed that we will be addressed by the On-Board committee team but unfortunately they could not make it before Lunch. We however waited till 12.30 PM chit-chatting about each other's previous experiences and a darn bit of personal life as well. By 12.30 PM we all moved for Lunch and got back to our seats by 1.55 PM sharp hoping we will be addressed by the On-board committee people. The respective people turned up by 2.45 PM and took us up to the 8th floor and presented us couple of videos and PDF documents to get to know more about the Company. For the experienced candidates, it's nothing new again, isn’t it? Lol There is the so called "process" anyways.

I then had been introduced to the project where I will be put into. I met the Technical Lead. He is not new to me as he was the one who interviewed me. I was supposing to meet my Delivery manager as well but I could not as he was busy and off his place for some official reasons. Then again, I already have seen him during my last round of Interview :)

Since then we were left free on our own till 4.30 PM. YAAY!! This one week time of lean period is the only time when any employee can stay as a free-bird with neither the project pressure nor the project manager's Lol

To summarize, this first day at Logica was a real wonderful experience in meeting up new people, having a soothing day, a new work culture, etc. I am so much excited about experiencing the work environment and other team members. We all have been informed that we will be having our Induction program by 3 PM tomorrow and I just can not wait to witness the happenings :)

I will mail all my mates once I get my Office E-Mail ID. Do stay in touch pals. I miss you all and it goes with out saying! Take care :)