Monday, December 22, 2008

9 Skills Every Nerd Needs

I recently been going through a PC Magazine where I found these top 9 skills every nerd needs. This one is quite funny :)

I loved the 4th and 2nd one to the core. I always used Texpad for editing my HTML/XML/CSS files. Guess, it's time for me to switch over to Notepad Lol

And talking about the 2nd skill - Anyone can find North Haverbrook but finding Ogdenville takes serious nerd talent.

9. Explain what E = MC^2 is to a liberal arts major
8. Build a PC blindfolded
7. Calculate a Pitcher's earned run average
6. Know the question that 42 is the answer to
5. Recite PI to 23 decimal places
4. Code a webpage using Notepad
3. Differentiate between Dr.Pepper and Mr. Pibb
2. Locate Ogdenville on a Map
1. DEBATE - "the relative merits of a an Imperial star destroyer versus the USS Enterprise"