Monday, December 22, 2008

CCleaner - Free System Optimzation Tool

If you are a Power User, you might often want to get rid of those unused files sitting unnecessarily in your system making your system slow down.

There are bunch of tools out there over the net which does this job but they are shareware like the Tune Up Utilities 2008, etc.

*** Don't bother reading further if you are a "warez" user *** LOL

If you do NOT want to cash out for such a tool, then I would suggest anyone to choose CCleaner for it is a

  • Freeware
  • Slim,
  • Clean and
  • Does a fantastic job

CCleaner is absolutely one of the greatest programs I'm running in my Windows XP SP2. It exactly does what it says and I have never experienced a

broken system due to the use of this software.

I do not want to persuade you :) Why not try CCleaner once for yourself? If in case it fails to satisfy you (which it definitely won't), you are not going to lose a penny anyways.

Download -