Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hiding Files inside a Picture

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to hide your important files (may be PDF, EXE. TXT, or whatever) inside a photo? Here in this tutorial, we will see how to do it.

Step 1:

Get a photo or some picture and the files you want to hide inside it. Here I have taken my favourite Avril's wallpaper to be the picture. A TXT and EXE are the files I am planning to hide inside Avril's picture. I have placed all these under C:\Tutorials folder. You may place where ever you want but put it all inside a single folder.

Step 2:

Use WinRAR and create a RAR file from the files to be hidden (TXT and EXE files, here in my case).

PS: You may try WinZip but I have heard people saying it gives problem at times when you try to unzip them later down the line. WinRAR is free and more sophisticated so why not try WinRAR over WinZip.

Step 3:

Here comes the "trick" part. Goto command line (by Start->Run->Type cmd) and do what is shown below:

Note: The /b option with copy command is used to copy binary files. Applies to the filename preceding it and to all following filenames. Copied files will be read by size (according to the number of bytes indicated in the file`s directory listing). An end-of-file mark is not placed at the end of the copied file.

Step 4:

Now you have the FinalResult.JPG and this is the image that contains the rest of our TXT and EXE files in it.

Can't believe that this FinalResult.JPG has the hidden files in it? Okay let's do a confirmatory test.

Try renaming the FinalResult.JPG to FinalResult.RAR and Extract the content of FinalResult.RAR. Voila! You can see the TXT and EXE files, Yeah?
Alright, now rename the FinalResult.RAR back to FinalResult.JPG, Avril is back again :)

Simple trick yet comes handy in a lot of situations.