Sunday, June 7, 2009

Off-Campus PhD from BITS Pilani


For the last 2-3 weeks I tried a lot to find a reputed and renowned University where I can do my M.Phil via distance education system. NO LUCK!

I tried contacting Madras University & Annamalai University. They told me that they do not offer distance M.Phil. I also tried Alagappa University and they said that they do not even have a M.Phil course. IGNOU seems to have M.Phil only in Philosophy while I am looking for the stream Computer Science or Management either. I even tried some of the foreign universities like University of Phoenix and Capella University. They offer Doctorate course via distance mode but then they want the student to travel twice to the US for the dissertation and presentation purpose which is not feasible for me. Well, all I want is Dr. MS, MBA. I am more than happy to die anytime afterward haha I then found that, BITS Pilani offers "OFF-Campus PhD" program. Isn't that great? :) For the full time employees, this is a boon! HP Labs already has a tie up with BITS for this program. Check

Courses Offered:

  1. Biological Sciences
  2. Bioengineering
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Chemical Engineering
  5. Chemistry
  6. Computer Science & Information Systems
  7. Economics and Finance
  8. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  9. Humanistic Studies
  10. Languages
  11. Mathematics
  12. Mechanical Engineering
  13. Management
  14. Pharmacy
  15. Physics
  16. Educational Innovation and Institutional Development

A Master Degree from the respective field. For example, if you got a M.S in S/W Engineering you can go for PhD in Computer Science & Information Systems. If you have a MBA then you can go for PhD in Management.


Any PhD is for 5 years, Don't you know that? :) If you have done M.Phil, then it is just 3 years, I guess. I might be wrong, you need to check with the respective universities!