Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Feed Parser

You might feel this article boring and vague if you do not know what are RSS, Atom.XML, Feeds, etc.image

Very recently I thought of starting a lyrics website just to make $$$ out of it. It is not tough to create a website, promoting it or even making it rank top. What makes it hard is the content creation. Any website involves a lot of work on the content filling part. I can not sit and write all the lyrics letter by letter for all the songs out there. I rather can copy and paste from other sites which has the lyrics but then for how long? Everyone is busy these days so am I. I would go and read something instead of wasting my time in CTRL+C & CTRL+V. I then was wondering… could there be any script which reads data from other sites and write it automatically in my site. That is when I came across this Feed Parsing concept.



This is nothing new to the RSS world, but to me. I am glad that I got to know this at least by now. I have been reading the whole night about it and got to know what it is. I have not experienced it yet and I don’t know how it works either. I need to spend another week on it to know how it works. I then shall write you all a detailed article with appropriate script snippets.

Interested ones can read these:

Anatomy of RSS Feeds – Get started here if you are new to Feeds

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Download this – It parses RSS & Atom feeds in Python

Ruby Feed Parser

These will keep me occupied for some weeks J

It really seems cool and any scripting enthusiast (PHP/Ruby/Python) will love to explore this.