Sunday, June 7, 2009

Crazy Birthday Poem

I wanted to wish one of my dearest friends on her birthday through a poem and I definitely wanted it to be hilarious Lol and this what I dedicated her :)

You are old enough and look like a mice;
With age your brains grow bigger only in size.
Well, I wish for you a long, long life,
So your brain can grow bigger and stop causing strife.

And although we often disagree,
There’s a strong hope that I can see,
For it’s birthday time; a year has passed;
Your brain is getting bigger fast.

Hmm, how old are you now?
yeah yeah, I remember it all now!
So it's your fortieth birthday;
Four decades have gone and passed.
They say when you get older,
Time goes twice as fast.

On this day you blow the candles out;
On this day the gifts pile high;
For one day a year you’re the special kid;
"This is really great," you sigh.

"One birthday a year is really fun;
I want two!" you say.
You can’t? because you are becoming
a grandma on your way!