Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Life is treating me nice

Okay, I think I kept you all in a huge suspense, I guess Lol You all would have read my Some feelings are so special, yeah? Well, I myself was excited about it. Just wanted to let you all know the good news that his parents agreed and the official engagement is fixed on June 14th, Sunday. Initially, two days were suggested by the Astrologer - June 3rd and June 14th. Since June 14th is Sunday, which probably should be a day off for most of my mates (excluding the ones who work even on the weekends :(). Considering the availability of almost everyone, we have chosen 14th to be the date of Betrothal.

I am still excited about it. In my life, "Men" has always meant Dad, Uncle, Teacher, Friends, Cousin brothers, Colleagues, etc. This "fiance" or "husband" sort of relation is totally new to me. Well, it sure is new to every women when she experiences it for the first time. I hope I will get the hang of it. At the same time, I got my MBA 2nd semester exams and JLPT Level 4 Internal exam coming up this June. Besides, June 18th is my birthday Lol Guess, this June is gonna be a busy month for me.

I shall put up some of the pictures once the engagement is over! I gotta wear the, "9- gajam saree" as per my caste Lol I am too excited and very little bit scared too. Bless me, guys :)