Monday, April 27, 2009

Some feelings are so special

In my 24 years of life, I have been very studious more than enjoying life. May be because, "enjoying life" meant something only studies to me. I paid more attention to my studies a lot more than watching out the charming guys around me. I don't know if I should call it right or wrong... My friends say, in one or the other way I really feel I had missed something :D Well not really! :)

I might not be lucky enough to have had time to spend on loving someone during my school or college days. I really was too busy in targeting my centurions, competing with my class mates in not letting them score first ^_^, spending enormous amount of time in library, participating in oratorical, singing, essay witting competitions where I have bagged a hand full of prices. I was happy with the life I had lived in the past 24 years. At the same time, I should be feeling so lucky to have the world's best parents ever! They brought me up like a princess. I owe them big time for that :)

As you all know I am a native Indian and as per Indian tradition, it is the parent's duty or responsibility to find the perfect soul-mate for their children. (Let's not talk about the exceptions here - the "love marriages". Cupid hates me for some reason I guess haha). My parents are so orthodox that they consider the horoscope match and parents' approval from both sides are mandatory for a man and a woman to kick off with their married life. It has been 3 months since they started to find a match for me it seems. I was not even told about it, damn! :)

Yesterday all of a sudden, they brought our home a guy and introduced him to me. We spoke (with my relatives around, of course :)) for almost 30 minutes and I quite seem to like that guy. He is charming, witty, funny and what not! When he left our home, I really felt, could he not have stayed for even more minutes? He is really cute when he smiles... I see a baby-ish look on his face. He said he do like me and my family as well which got me smiling :)

Yesterday I even came up with a pet name for him. His real name is Maniyan. If things go well, I am planning to call him as "Ian" as his name's ending rhyms well with Ian. Ian is one of my most favorite names. It is of scottish origin. In the United Kingdom, Ian was the 19th most common male name. Wiki says Ian means "God is Gracious" well so is he hahaha Guess I am mad! Okay, I better behave now! :)

I kinda seem to fancy this guy but the thing is his parents should also agree for this relation. I never prayed GOD regarding my affairs/love relationships because I never had one before. I can not call this a love or relationship either. It would be utter non-sense if I do :) It is just that this guy seems so nice and suits very well with my character. I just pray his parents should agree too. If they don't, I will not be sad or worried or cry over my pillow with sleepless nights. I got a lot of better things to feel worried for like on-time delivery with really less time (blame the PM for their poor effort estimating skills) which causes slogging and weekend works, JLPT Level 3 Examination, MBA exams, blah blah :( Actually, I really hate that "work on weekends" part which I used to do in Wipro. In Logica, it is all smooth so not much of pain :)

By the way, pray for me guys that his parents should agree. :)

PS: This might sound completely stupid for some people but I just can not escape the tradition & customs :)


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