Friday, April 17, 2009

Tamil Onomatopoeia

Definition: Onomatopoeia is using words that imitate the sound they denote. Eg: Woof (dog’s bark), Ding (a metal sound), etc.

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I been thinking of writing an article about Japanese Onomatopoeia for a long time and finally started it on Tamil New Year (last Tuesday). While I was writing, I had a thought if Tamil’s “Irattai Kilavi” & “Adukku Thodar” are what the Onomatopoeia actually means. I then started searching for some more details about Tamil Onomatopoeia and ended up with this best E-Guide.

Google landed me down on Tamil Onomatopoeia by V.Gnanasundaram, Ph.D. I downloaded it right away (only the 1st two chapters. Too bad the other chapters were not found on the FTP server :() and bothered to read it only by the day before yesterday.

Download those two PDFs and read it when you have time. I read and really was amazed by the author’s wisdom and command over the language. I could not help myself from dropping him a ‘note of thanks’ e-mail for his great work and especially for making it free to everyone over the WWW. Also, requested him to make the remaining chapters available :) If I say, “people like him are simply great” that would be an under statement. Bless him!


Mike said...

Hi my dear e-daughter, flower07.

I only learned "Nandri" and "Tullikirake" in Tamil - which I understood as Thank you and bathing, respectively.

OK ~ what is Digital Bhoomi in Tamil?
Please, flower07!!!