Sunday, April 26, 2009

How to watch movies in MS Paint

Before I build up any hype let me clear you one thing - With this trick, you can ONLY watch movies in MS Paint but can't do any other operations like Pause/Stop/Rewind, etc. To be more specific, you can just watch it while its playing behind in Windows Media Player Classic or Winamp or VLC or any other movie player you use.

The steps are so simple:

  1. Open your favourite movie player and play the move (I played the .avi, format in Media Player Classic) (.mpg also works)(VLC Player will also do)
  2. Hit "PrintScreen" key on your keyboard. Let the movie play in the player. Do NOT stop it.
  3. Open MsPaint. (Start->Run_>Type mspaint)
  4. Select "Edit > Paste" Or Hit "CTRL+V"
  5. Now you will see the movie is being played in Paint!
To add more fun, while you’re in MS Paint, save the screenshot as a BMP file, right click on that file and set that file as Desktop. Now the movie will be playing on your desktop.

As long as I have tried, it doesn't play DivX ,and Flash movies. Experiment it with other formats too. No one, including myself will never want to watch movies this way but it's cool to know that printscreen captures the videos as well :)