Thursday, May 7, 2009

Earn Rs.200 per week

If you consider this to be a scam, you very well can skip it even with out reading any further :)

For the rest who are planning to read this, let me first tell you… this is NOT a scam. I have been paid and that is why I thought I would share this information. For the IT people like us, 200 per week is nothing as we use 200 as a day’s pocket money. Still, money is money! I earn and hence I wanted to share it with you all!

How much can I earn?

I earn Rs. 200/- per week as I am too busy to be active in that forum. If I were active, I could earn even more!

What should I do?

Just post in the various section of that forum. The forum name is Digital Bhoomi; it is an Indian forum where they discuss about Latest Indian movies, Disney Channel, Technology, Job opportunities, Health care, etc. It’s is a fun way to spend your free time and earn money as well.

Can I earn more than Rs. 200 per week?

Yes! You sure can! Apart from posting on the forums, they also have various other contests like “Member of the month”, “Referrer of the month”, etc where they give extra money for the ones that write useful or touching posts. First prize is Rs. 500, second prize is Rs. 300 and third prize is Rs. 200.

Get started

  1. Go to Digital Bhoomi
  2. Click on the Register link
  3. Agree to the terms & Conditions
  4. Ensure you have flower07 under the Referrer field (that's me :))
  5. Enter other mandatory details and sign up.
  6. Check your mail and activate the account
  7. Login your account. There are many sections in the Forum including Movies/Disney Channel/Jobs opportunities.
  8. Make just one single post in any of the section you like. May be, in the New Member introduction section will be a good start :)

This is just the start. Then you can make 1 point for every single forum post. If you refer someone then you get 2 points. If the person who you referred makes one post then you get extra 3 points. Like this... When you reach 200 points you will get 100 rupees. When you reach 400 points then they will send you a DD or cheque to your address. If you prefer Paypal, they have that option too.

If you have any doubt you can ask me via e-mail or on that forum either. This is a valid site and it helps to earn some pocket money. We can not earn Rs.1000 online just in one day. If some body says you can that is sure a scam! This is one of the genuine ways to earn some cash from Internet. I will tell you more like this when I find any good really paying sites.

PS: This site is NOT blocked even in your office premises but ensure you don’t do this when you have work. Do this only when you are bored :)