Sunday, January 25, 2009

Six Sigma Certification

If you are planning for Six Sigma Certification, you might find this mail useful then. Instead of writing as paragraphs I have broken down into simpler points below.

  • Unlike Microsoft, Red Hat, Oracle, Six Sigma certification is NOT provided by any single vendor.
  • Being Six Sigma certified is all about – taking up the training, clearing the exam conducted at the end of the training and implementing it in your project. (Note: You can NOT take up the certification without attending the training like how you do for SCJP, OCA, etc. The certification is a part of the training or vice versa)
  • There are a lot of training centers all over the world that provides both the training & certification. As there is NO single recognized vendor for Six Sigma certification, it is advisable to join a reputed institution and be certified from them. (Remember – better goodwill of the training center only will help you in better recognition of the certificate)
  • The two level of Six Sigma Certification are – Green Belt (sometimes referred to as Yellow belt), Black Belt.
  • Yellow/Green Belt – Attend 4-5 days training (conducted only on working days and not on weekends, so plan it accordingly. It however might vary from one training center to the other). At the end of the training you will be tested in which you are expected to score 70%. If you clear the test with 70%, you then will be provided a Six Sigma Certificate. If you fail to clear then you will only be given a ‘Green Belt Program Participation” certificate.
  • Black Belt - The same said above for Green Belt holds good for the Black belt too. It’s just that to be a Black belt certified person, you are expected to do a project and implement the strategies you learned as a part of the Black belt training program. Once after you complete the training + take up the exam + implement them in a project, you will be certified as Six Sigma Black Belt.
  • There are many institutes providing this training + certification; but as I mentioned in point 3, you need to go only for the most recognized one. In India , KPMG and Benchmark are considered to be the top 2 institutes. These two institutes have their branches in Chennai too. Fortunate enough, isn’t it?
  • From what I have heard from KPMG & Benchmark, they are charging Rs. 22,500 + tax for Green belt (yes, they both charge the same amount, so choose the one which you feel comfortable with) and it is just a 4 days class (9AM to 5PM) at the end of which you will have an exam.

    Contact Details:

    KPMG House
    No.10, Mahatma Gandhi Road
    Chennai - 600034
    Phone: +91 44 3914 5000

    Benchmark Six Sigma 
    Chennai Citi Centre,
    Level 6, 10/11, Dr.Radhakrishna Salai,
    Chennai - 600 004, India
    Tel: +91-93806 15163