Thursday, January 29, 2009

Google Image Search Operator

As we all know, there are a plenty of operators involved in Google search which already is documented here.

If you are quite frequent to the Google Image Search, you would have noticed that we already have the drop down list box in Google’s Image Search as shown below.

The constraint with this operator is that we can use it only to choose either of the options from the drop down list box. What if you want to search for an image with a specific dimension? Don’t ask me why one would want to do it anyway. Finding wallpapers is one instance, to say. This is when we need a dedicated operator and guess what? Google has it already but has not documented it yet. Never mind, Google always have had heck a lot of hidden features J

imagesize is the operator and here is how you do it…

  1. Go to Google Image Search Page (
  2. Type imagesize:1280x1024 filetype:jpg Nature (imagesize is the operator. 1280x1024 is the dimension and filetype is another operator to mention the image extension like JPG, BMP, etc and finally Nature is the name/theme of the images I am looking for)
You do love what you see, don’t you? I would suggest you to try with various descriptions especially like space, cars, design, etc you can even use this to find the movie posters e.g., Spider man, Harry potter, etc.

That is all! Now spend some time in picking new wallpapers for your messy desktop :)