Friday, January 30, 2009

Phishing 101

I was trying to complete this article by last week itself but due to some considerations, I could not. Anyways, I am done with it by last night.

Few reasons why you should read it…

  • You don’t know what Phishing is
  • You want to know why it is called as PHising
  • You know what Phishing is but never tried to Phish anyone. i.e., you do not know how to implement Phishing
  • You know what Phishing is, You even know how to implement it but you do not know how to grab your victims.
…and the most important reason is you are so bored that you are even ready to play spit balls :)

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This is my Initial draft. I might update it down the line. As usual, any feedback/suggestions/corrections are more than welcome. If you only want to criticize, make sure it is constructive :)

PS: If in case all of these mirrors are exhausted and if you are so interested to know what have I written, drop me a mail at g33kyf3m at gmail dot com. I might consider re-uploading it again.