Sunday, March 22, 2009

MaJa - Learn Japanese the easy way

Hi friends,

I am writing a new series, “MaJa – Learn Japanese the easy way”. The word MaJa is an acronym to “MAsti JApanese”. The word masti means a lot. To mention a few, it can be said synonymous to excitement, happiness or simply having fun. I believe, learning Japanese is having fun… to me at the least J Hence the name MaJa. On the other hand, MaJa is the name of a South Indian movie which my most favorite actress Asin acted in :)

What MaJa is all about?

MaJa series will help you learn to write/read and speak Japanese. MaJa is targeted towards those who are totally new to the Japanese language and those who are in the beginner’s level of learning Japanese. So, if you are an intermediate or advance level Japanese speaker, then do not expect much out of this series. As of now and also for the next few months, MaJa will only cover basic level of Japanese. One I feel I have covered everything a beginner should know, I might then move on to the Intermediate level. MaJa will also concentrate on the JLPT 4 & JLPT 3 exam aspects but it will take quite some time to reach there, as I first need to lay strong foundation for my readers to start with Japanese.

Why MaJa?

I know how you feel, “Yet another Japanese online lesson? Same old crap!” Well, I initially did not want to have a series like this as there are hell a lot of resources available in the net teaching Japanese the best way and professional way! I then thought, when every non-native Japanese speaker is trying to contribute something to the ‘World of Japanese Students!” why should I not? I am preparing for JLPT 3 this year December 2009 and hence my knowledge in Japanese will not be as fluent as you think but still I have my own learning and my own stuff to share. In MaJa I will share my personal tricks & tips which I used and using to learn the Japanese scripts the easy way. I will also share some self-recorded audio files, documents for my readers. I also will share list of other resources which I referred and still refer to enhance my Japanese knowledge. Intermittently I will also share some interesting facts about Japanese and Japan .


Interest to learn Japanese and English fluency are the two things needed to follow MaJa series. Yes, you need not know even the ‘ABC’s of Japanese. I will get you started!


If you would like to contribute articles to MaJa then please drop me an e-mail at (remove that NOSPAM when you mail me :))

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