Saturday, January 23, 2010

MyLikes - Share Your Likes

MyLikes - Share Your Likes -
You now have a chance to shout out to the world about your likes! You never know, you will end up finding like-minded people :-) What are you still waiting for? Start sharing MyLikes I mean Your Likes today :)

Creating E-Signatures is just 3 clicks away now! Check out My Live Signature

You can use these as a e-signature on your Website (where not necessarily it should match you real signature). If someone does not have a signature, they can get ideas from here. 

Are you a Web applications developer? I have something you must be interested in and which really is extremely useful!

I, being a Freelance Web Developer for years, have seen many people paying for Social Bookmarking, Creating automated tweets in Twitter, Leaving Blog comments and so on…

If you are one of those then STOP wasting your money, right away! iMacro will save you from all that…

What is iMacros?

iMacros is the industry-leading web automation, testing & extraction tool.

What can iMacros do for you?

Ø       Form Filling & Single Sign-On
Ø       Script IE and Firefox
Ø       Web Scraping/Data Mining
Ø       Web Application Testing
Ø       Excel/Access Web Queries
Ø       iMacros as Software Component
Ø       Website Monitoring (AlertFox)

Try out iMacros today! If you need any help you may ask it on their forum.

Found this cartoon on their Issue 30. Download from Full Circle Magazine. This 30th issue includes, Interview with Motu, Programming in Python (Part4) and a lot more techie stuff.